Orbis Vista IP & Law Group is providing a wide range of intellectual property services in Turkey and North Cyprus including prosecution and litigation for both national and international clients.

\nThe first and only IP firm in Turkey, certified with the ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate by British Certification Inc. and Jas-Anz for its services. Orbis is one of the Top 10 IP firms in Turkey in entire portfolio management and IPR prosecution and litigation based on local PTO statistics and independent international client satisfaction surveys.\n\nThe team of attorneys at law, patent and trademark attorney offers strategic and individual advice for the purpose of protecting and enforcing its clients IP rights by managing entire IP portfolios.\n\nOrbis Vista has the strength, by using specialized technical tools, to handle large portfolios in harmonization with the global IP system.\n\nAll types of IPR filings, litigations, IP investigations, invalidation and cancellation proceedings before IP courts, anti-counterfeit projects, renewals, annuities, licensing, freedom to operate analyses, clearance, invalidity searches, legal and technical translations and validations of European Patents, PCT national phase entries …everything under the same roof handled by experienced and specialized attorneys.\n\nThe main goal of the team is always to provide prompt, accurate, reliable and continuous services for its clients by taking care of strictly defined procedures. A Turkish company with a European vision, fundamental and strict principles in order to provide dynamic services by maintaining a high quality work in all areas of IP consultancy.\n\nQualified and dynamic Trademark and Patent Attorneys, able to handle and communicate with clients in many languages, such as English, German, Turkish and French.\n\nAttorneys with a great vision and a team constantly surpassing itself.\n\n