Orbis Vista IP & Law Group is providing a wide range of intellectual property services in Turkey and North Cyprus including prosecution and litigation for both national and international clients.\n\nThe first and only IP firm in Turkey, certified with the ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate by British Certification Inc. and Jas-Anz for its services. Orbis is one of the Top 10 IP firms in Turkey in entire portfolio management and IPR prosecution and litigation based on local PTO statistics and independent international client satisfaction surveys.\n\nPatent Attorneys with a strong technical background, Trademark Attorneys who are experts in the legal process are providing high quality services in the field of IPR filings, litigations, IP investigations, invalidation and cancellation proceedings before IP courts, anti-counterfeit projects, renewals, annuities, licensing, freedom to operate analyses, clearance, invalidity searches, legal and technical translations and validations of European Patents as well as PCT national phase entries\n\nOur main goal is not only to register trademarks, patents and designs. For this reason, it is our primary principle to provide a “customized and individual consultancy” in order to find out the real needs and best solutions by maintaining the same quality of service each time, for each client and each case.