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Monthly Archives: 1 December 2015


To understand the technologies involved is the primary importance for an effective prosecution. We are offering a wide range of patent services in various technical fields such as mechanics, electronics, electric, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical, software, medical technology in order to prot...

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Starting from filings up to the registration of trademarks, our firm handles a wide range of trademark services. Besides prosectution, Orbis Vista is authorized to represent its clients before the specialized IP courts in Turkey and handles all kind of IPR litigation cases.\r\n\r\nFollowing services...

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Design, is the appearance of a whole or a part of a product that has various elements or properties that can be perceived by human senses, such as the line, shape, color, texture, flexibility or ornamentation of the material. Protection shall be granted to a design which is new and has an individual...

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For the purpose of enabling the official texts contained in the registration and patent documents to cover the same rights on the translated text, These documents require expertise in the translation process. As OrbisVista is in all processes, we also have translation services with exp...

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Plant Breeder’s Rights

Orbis Vista, represents its clients in all procedural and legal steps before Agricultural Ministry concerning plant breeder’s rights from filing to registration.\r\n\r\nPlant Breeder's Rights Act No: 5042 allows the plant breeders' to legally protect new varieties of reproduced plants. It takes almo...

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